A Taste of Hannah’s Wishes


Lois Roberson

Winner of the signed copy!

Hannah's Wishes

BLURB When Hannah Hamilton is born with a shriveled foot, her sick mother knows she’ll never live to raise the child. Upon her mother’s death two years later, Hannah’s two older sisters care for her until their father finally admits that the child will never walk. Hannah is sent to live a lonely life with her widowed Aunt Verbena Wedington in Savannah. Though Hannah’s sisters attempt to visit her, they are thwarted by their Aunt Verbena, who manages to take control of every aspect of Hannah’s life.

Jarrett MacMichael, an Arizona detective, is hired to go to Savannah and check on Hannah’s welfare. Jarrett is surprised to find the object of his mission is a beautiful young woman who is being controlled by her devious aunt. During his investigation, not only does he discover Hannah’s evil Aunt Verbena has a sinister plan for her charge, but Jarrett realizes he’s the only one who can stop her before it’s too late.

By the time Jarrett frees Hannah, she has fallen head-over-heels in love with him–but she understands she can’t hope for a life with the handsome detective.

Practical man that he is, Jarrett  knows life would be hard if he tied himself to a woman who can’t walk…but how can he live without her? There’s only one thing to do. Will he be able to grant HANNAH’S WISHES?


  “How about your brother?”

“Everett is happily married to a woman he met when he went to England on business. Her daddy is a lord, or a count…or some type of royalty. They live in England and have a little princess of their own.” He wondered how Everett would feel if he knew he’d graduated him from the detective business, married him off, and elevated him to royalty in England

Verbena’s eyes lit up. “Really? Royalty?” He nodded, and she went on. “Have you visited them?”

Hannah looked interested, but there was something in her eyes that made him wonder if she knew he was telling a tall tale. He gathered that this young lady was no fool. He answered Verbena’s question with, “I’m so busy with my own enterprises that I’ve only had time to visit them once. They have promised to come visit me in the next couple of years. Everett wants to show his wife and daughter his country.”

“I think that’s wonderful.”

There was a knock on the parlor door, and Minerva poked her head in. “Supper is ready, Miz Wedington.”

“Send Tobias to get Hannah.”

“Yes, ma’am.” She scurried away.

Jarrett couldn’t help wondering why the man was to come get Hannah. The fact was, he’d been looking forward to offering her his arm so he could escort her to supper. Jarrett’s question was answered in a matter of a moment. Tobias returned pushing a wheelchair. Jarrett was stunned as the butler pushed it up to the settee and reached down to lift Hannah into it.

So that was her problem. She couldn’t walk. He never would have guessed.

Verbena stood. “Shall we go into supper, Mr. MacMichael?”

“Of course.” He stood, and since he had no alternative, he offered her his arm. They went out of the parlor leaving Tobias to push Hannah’s chair behind them.


Hannah wondered about Mr. Jarrett MacMichael. Yes, he was as handsome as she thought he’d be now that she’d seen his face. In fact, he was the kind of man she often dreamed about and wished she could meet. Yes, he told a good story about his life, but something didn’t ring true to her. Was he trying to impress Aunt Verbena? If so, why? What could her aunt do for him? And why hadn’t he mentioned her sister? She’d kept quiet just like her Aunt Verbena had told her to, but she didn’t intend to let him get through the meal and leave this house without answering a question or two about Drina.

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12 Responses to A Taste of Hannah’s Wishes

  1. Lois Roberson says:

    Very intriguing. Has spurred my curiosity. Will Hannah walk one day? Perhaps to meet her man at the altar? Or will he whisk her away from an wretched Aunt and marry her while she is in his arms? I’ll be needing a copy of Hannah’s Wishes.

  2. Dixie Land says:

    Looks like a great start to another Agnes Alexander winner!!

  3. Nancy Gates says:

    Anxious to read the whole book. Looks intriguing!

  4. Sandra Bruney says:

    This sounds interesting! I can’t help wondering what Aunt Verbena is plotting. It look as if Hannah has someone on her side, though.

    • Agnes says:

      I hope you like it, Sandy. Plan to see you at CRW in the next month or two. Don’t know about this week yet. If not, April for sure.

  5. This sounds great. Romance, cowboys, mystery, cowboys, the wild west, cowboys. Did I mention cowboys?

    • Agnes says:

      Cowboys are the most interesting characters I know, Lynn. Jarrett McMichael is one of the best. When you read this book, you’ll think so too. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Cindy Poindexter says:

    You know I love western romances. I can’t wait to read how Hannah’s overcomes her disability and hopefully finds love and encouragement in spite of her aunts plans to control her life.

    • Agnes says:

      Thanks Cindy,
      I hope you’ll approve of the way I ended this book. I’m not going to tell you though. You’ll have to read it and let me know what you think.