When I first started writing I thought the release date of my books would be some great day in the history of my writing. When it actually happened the first time, the date came and went without anything special happening. Now that I’ve been at it a while, I have learned a lot. I now know that unless the writer announces the date it is nothing more than a date on the calendar for everyone else, including the publisher.

I’m not saying the date isn’t important to the writer. It most definitely is. It means the public can now go to Amazon or their favorite bookstore and buy the book and in the end that is the important thing. But it’s not the earth shaking event I had thought in the beginning. The publisher didn’t call, or send flowers, or send me on a book signing tour across the country. If I’m lucky, they put a bit about the book on Twitter. Any other promotion is up to me.

That’s the reason you get bombarded on FaceBook and other media outlets with announcements of my book making it to market. Now you know why a writer tells you they have a new book on the market. Thanks for reading and if you’ll  leave a comment you’ll have a chance to win a free autographed copy of Grace’s Dream.

Grace’s Dream

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  1. Georgann says:

    LOVED GRACE’s DREAM! Grace is a wonderful character! It was really nice getting to know her and Lance Gentry! There are soany rich characters in this book. I am looking forward to more!