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Love doesn’t happen only at Valentine’s Day, but that is a good time to read a good story.

Lariats, Letters and Lace gives you 8 stories from women who not only write the Western Historical Romance, but read them, too. Check these out. You won’t be disappointed!

Stories as they appear in the book:


Samantha Whitener delivers the children of her deceased friend to their grandmother, Nellie Jenson, in Wyoming. She likes Nellie and the children thrive under her influence. But Nellie’s son, Russ, is another matter. Samantha is attracted to the rugged, handsome rancher. But when she overhears him tell his mother that Samantha is the least useful women he’s ever met, she knows she must return to Philadelphia before it’s too late – and she loses her heart to him completely.


Brady Wells, a half-Sioux orphan, finds work on the Triple C Ranch. The ranch owner’s young daughter, befriends Brady, and through the years she never fails to give him a card on Valentine’s Day. When Kitty is sixteen, Brady promises her if she’s not married by the time she’s twenty-one, he will marry her – but how can that happen when he’s set on leaving the Triple C? Even though he rides away, Kitty is determined to hold him to the promise he made so long ago…and she sets out to track him down. She’s in love with Brady Wells and he made her a Valentine promise.

BETWEEN THE LINES — Linda Carroll-Bradd

Dance hall girl, Daisy Shaddock and her miner brother, Perry, work toward a mutual dream of owning a book shop. Perry’s partner, Walt Renfrid, arrives in town, dreading the promise he must fulfill — delivery of a faithful letter. Recognizing Daisy, Walt can’t resist delaying his purpose for a few stolen moments in her company. Will the news he must deliver push her away or draw the couple closer?

HE IS A GOOD MAN — Zina Abbott

Convinced he won’t make it out of the Civil War alive, Joshua persuades his best friend, Hal, to promise to deliver a letter. Joshua’s childhood sweetheart, Melinda, waits for him to return to her in California when the war ends – but Joshua won’t be coming back. Instead, he ask Hal to deliver his last letter to Melinda – in person

HEARTS IN HARMONY — Patti Sherry-Crews

It seems like Harmony and Alice have been best friends forever. They are of the same mind, and he can talk to her about anything – anything except the fact that he’s fallen in love with the young woman she’s become. He’s so in love, he’s speechless in her presence. But his sister, Melody, has a plan. Harmony sends Alice an anonymous declaration of his love, promising to reveal himself at the Valentine’s Day dance. What could go wrong?


A letter brings Chance Riebold to Lone Pine. Having been released from jail after being framed by his former girlfriend and her accomplice, he is ready for a second chance. As sheriff of the mining town, he’s tough enough for the job – but he’s in for a few surprises. Katherine Whitworth, aka as Kitty, runs her  down-and-out father’s saloon, but has every intention of leaving Lone Pine to start a new life. The sparks fly as Chance comes to see that Kitty – far from being a loose woman – is indeed a most respectable woman.


When Chantilly Walsh’s older brother is gunned down outside a Carson City saloon, she’s determined to save her younger brother from the same fate. Adventurous Pony Express rider, Blaze Steele, gallops into town and captures her heart and soul. Wealthy rancher, Daniel Braddock, sets his sights on her as well, offering stability and security. There’s been a terrible misunderstanding that could change everything. Set to marry on Valentine’s Day, who will Chantilly choose?


Remarrying isn’t on Dale Forbe’s mind, but his granddaughters want a grandma. Widow Irene Maxon yearns for something more than the disappointments life has handed her. A mail-order catalogue, a secret letter, and a blizzard combine to strike up a well-made match for Dale and Irene. However, another man expects Irene to fulfill their marriage agreement, and he isn’t going to take no for an answer.

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  1. Agnes Alexander says:

    It was a pleasure to be included with these other fine writers.