I have a new Romantic Suspense Novel on it’s way. Here is a sneak preview of the cover and a bit about the story.

Heather Masterson writes best selling mystery novels about Alex Hargrove, her fictional Blue Ridge Mountain sheriff. She is shocked when at a book signing in Asheville, NC a 6 foot 4 cattleman lays a book in front of her and says, “Sign this to the real Alex Hargrove.” This is the beginning of a courtship that the two mature people were not looking for at this point in their lives.

Unbeknownst to Heather, Rachelle Albright, an unstable alcoholic fan, writes a book of her own with the character Alex marrying a woman named Rachelle. When the publishing company rejects her book, she is livid. Rachelle decides she must kill Heather so the character of Alex will be hers.

Can the real Alex protect his fictional creator? Will Heather survive to find love at last.

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