2nd Barlow Wives Book Available

Josephine Kirkpatrick needs a brand-new start…a challenge. Losing her husband—and then her business—were two hard blows. When her old friend, Myra Barlow, invites her to come West and be with her during the birth of Myra’s first baby, Josephine knows that’s just the change she needs—and she may never return to Charleston, South Carolina, if she finds a new life in Wyoming.

Ryder Barlow needs a redheaded woman around like he needs another hole in his head. He’s had enough of every redhead alive to last him a lifetime! But when his sister-in-law invites her beautiful friend to come for an extended visit, he finds he’s not done with dealing with flame-haired women yet—especially after he’s wounded, and Josephine must care for him…

 When a train robber kidnaps Josephine and hides her away, Ryder understands that love has crept up and stolen his own hard heart when he wasn’t looking—and Josephine means everything to him. Though he’s hot on the trail of the outlaw and the spitfire woman he’s taken, will Ryder be able to reach them in time? 




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2 Responses to 2nd Barlow Wives Book Available

  1. Sayword Eller says:

    I can’t wait to add another Agnes Alexander to my collection! You are such a delightful storyteller!

  2. Cindy Stout says:

    So enjoying your books! Easy reads and storylines. Looking forward to purchasing more. I also pass them on to my mom who is enjoying them as well.

    Thank you, Cindy