My Roommate

The first pet I owned was a small dog named Murphy. I actually inherited him when my daughter, an only child, went to college. Murph and I grew close. We slept together, we traveled together and he often went to the beach with me. When he was 13 I rescued an abandoned kitten, I named Jefferson. I couldn’t stand to see the little thing suffer or be sent to the pound, though I wasn’t sure how the two would get along.

There was no need to worry. It didn’t take them long to become best friends. In fact, I believe they often conspired against me. Jefferson was the only cat I ever knew who thought he was a dog. He would stand on his back legs and beg, he would growl at other cats and he’d go on walks.

When Murphy was 19 he decided it was time to go to doggie heaven. I don’t know who grieved more, 6 year-old Jefferson or me. But the two of us managed and I had Jefferson with me for another 13 years. Ironically, he was 19 when he decided it was time to join Murphy.

I decided that was it for pets and me. It hurt too much to lose them. But after a while, I decided it would be nice to have an animal in the house again. By this time arthritis had developed in my knees, making it hard for me to walk, so I decided I’d get a cat.

But it wasn’t to be for a while. My sister was sick and I had moved her in with me.  She was using a walker at first and I was afraid a cat might trip her, so I put off getting another pet . When she became confined to her hospital bed, I was afraid a cat would try to sleep with her. Again, I decided to wait.

Last May, my sister went to her heavenly home. I was grieving and lonely. My wonderful daughter informed me she had rented an oceanfront condo for a week in July at Myrtle beach and she expected me to go on vacation with her family. Of course, I’ll go anywhere to be with my two grandchildren.

A week before we were to leave for the beach,  she called me  and said, “Mom, get on your computer and look at the picture of the cat a teacher friend of mine has to find a home for. She’s a 5 year-old long-hair like Jefferson was, and she needs a home. I think she’s just what you need.”

Talk about love at first sight….That’s the way I felt about the beautiful cat in the picture. I told my daughter to tell her friend, if she’d keep the cat until we got back from the beach, I’d take her. She agreed to do it.

We picked the cat up the day after we got home, and I had my new pet. I didn’t like her name, so I decided it would be Victoria. After all, Queen Victoria reigned during the time of my western historical novels, so I thought it fitting – Especially since Victoria soon ruled my household.

Victoria and I have been together almost a year now and she has me trained just the way she wants me. And I don’t mind at all. Only thing though, my daughter says she has rented a condo at the beach for the first week of August and wants me to go. I’m torn. I’m not sure I should travel during Covid19, but worse than that, I’m not sure I want to leave Victoria for a week.


Meet my roommate, Victoria.



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