Now that I’m I find myself in the group called the elderly, most people would think I should relax and enjoy my sunset years by staying at home and find something I would enjoy doing during the Covid-19 pandemic. That sounded like a good Idea, so I decided I’d give it a try. I began looking around for something to do to fill in my time when I wasn’t writing or planning a new book. I have no intention of giving up my book writing –  it’s a part of me and I love doing it. But everyone, including me, still thought I needed something else to fill my time. So, I started looking around for the answer.

I know some people like to experiment in their kitchen. But I’m not a person who likes to cook and bake a lot of new things. I like to eat what I like and I have no intention of changing my taste at this point. So, learning new recipes and ways to cook them was out.

I used to sew and enjoyed it, but I didn’t think I wanted to sew again, so I marked that off my list.

I hate housework, so deep cleaning, rearranging and making changes didn’t appeal to me. I find it easier to pay someone to do heavy cleaning for me.

I do love to travel, but it’s getting harder for me, not only because of the virus, but because of the arthritis in my knees. When I do travel, short trips are about all I can handle now.

After weighing all these options, and considering many others, I finally settled on what I was going to do. It didn’t bother me that I knew many people would think I was crazy to start such a project at my age. I plunged ahead and decided I would move out of my 2-bedroom condo and get myself a new house. One where I could have a guest room and an office.

I began looking around in the Kernersville – Sedge Garden area because I wanted to go back to the area I considered ‘home.’

I found a house in a development near my church, CVS, some friends, a neighborhood Walmart and not far from my daughter. I liked the looks of it from the outside, so, I called a realtor and asked for a tour.

My daughter and I met him there, and as soon as I went inside, I knew I loved the house. The size was right for me and I thought the floor plan perfect. But there was one problem. The house was on a hill. Though it had a pretty yard, I wasn’t sure I would be able to roll the trash can and the recycle can to the street with my bad knees. I know that may sound silly to some people, but as I said, I’m elderly and I wanted to consider everything. I decided not to make an offer.

Sometime later I found a house in an established neighborhood in the right area. It needed a little work but I liked it. The problem was, it had a swimming pool. My grandchildren assured me they’d keep it up, so I made an offer. The next day my realtor called and told me a cash had come in. The cash offer worked out and I lost out on that deal.

I kept looking, but I didn’t do anything for a while. One day my son-in-law, a builder, asked me if I’d like to build a house. He explained that I could get what I wanted and wouldn’t have to settle. The idea appealed to me and I began looking for lots.

Then the Covid19 struck and everything slowed down. Therefore, it took a while, but I eventually found a level lot near my daughter and made an offer on it. Again, it took a while to get it perked by the county and I began to wonder if this deal would fall through, too.

It didn’t. I finally closed on the lot, then began looking at floor plans. It didn’t take as long as I thought because I basically knew what I wanted.

This week I met with the carpenter who works with my son-in-law and he has the plan and a list of the changes I want. He will get back to me soon with his price list, and hopefully the work will begin in late August or September. In my mind I have a goal to be in my new house by Christmas.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. I’ll also tell you whether it was fun or not and if I should have reconsidered some other project during this stay-at-home because of the vires period.

If you happen to be looking for something to fill in your time at home, My newest book, KENDRA’S SEARCH, the 4th book in the Barlow Wives came out this July.

Until next time, be safe!    Agnes

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