Using a dead woman’s idenity, Theda takes a job teaching in a Montana school. The probalem arises when she finds out the town sheriff is her neighbor. When her life is threatened, is it bacause of the deception she’s pulling on the town?


Disaster looms when a snooty, socialite from the east learns she’s inherited one half of a Wyoming ranch, then finds out the other half is inherited by a handsome, seasoned western rancher.


When a family decides to name all their children after the month in which they’re born, it worked out fine for April, May, June and August. October decided to go by Toby and January goes by Jan.  When April’s never-do-well husband decides to rob a bank, he doesn’t expect to be murdered – but he is. June, a fledging PI will stop at nothing to prove her sister, April didn’t commit the crime. Working with her former school mate, Jason, she soon learns that their long ago friendship might turn into something more if they continue to be thrown together.

Can a former saloon owner find love and happiness with dedicated widowed preacher and his eight-year-old son?

Glenda Jordon continually tells her step-daughter, Zelda that she is responsible for the accident that killed her father and left the step-mother a bedridden cripple. Zelda believes her and takes on the responsibility of taking care of Glenda and her two children. Unbeknownst to Zelda, Glenda has made a deal with their unscrupulous neighbor that will force Grace to marry the man she has hated since childhood. A man who is only interested in marrying Zelda and getting rid of Glenda and her children.

Wiley Hendrix, a man who lost his wife is searching for something to fulfill his life again when he stumbles upon a little girl. Taking the child home he finds Zelda working hard and trying to save a failing ranch with no help from her ungrateful step-brother. His protective instincts take over and he decides to see if he can help her save the place as well as teach the young man how he should treat his sister. When he meets the neighbor, Mace Palmer, he knows there is no way he can abandon the family.

Josephine Kirkpatrick needs a brand-new start…a challenge. Losing her husband—and then her business—were two hard blows. When her old friend, Myra Barlow, invites her to come West and be with her during the birth of Myra’s first baby, Josephine knows that’s just the change she needs—and she may never return to Charleston, South Carolina, if she finds a new life in Wyoming.

Ryder Barlow needs a redheaded woman around like he needs another hole in his head. He’s had enough of every redhead alive to last him a lifetime! But when his sister-in-law invites her beautiful friend to come for an extended visit, he finds he’s not done with dealing with flame-haired women yet—especially after he’s wounded, and Josephine must care for him…

When a train robber kidnaps Josephine and hides her away, Ryder understands that love has crept up and stolen his own hard heart when he wasn’t looking—and Josephine means everything to him. Though he’s hot on the trail of the outlaw and the spitfire woman he’s taken, will Ryder be able to reach them in time? 

Jude Winslow doesn’t believe there is a politician on earth who is trustworthy. Then he meets Kay Littleton. He is in love with the woman when he learns she’s a US Senator. Then a vicious lie her family tells about her causes him to send the woman away. Only when she is in Washington again does he learn the things he was told about her were a lie.

At a book signing, Heather Masterson, a successful mystery author, comes face-to-face with a successful cattle farmer who bears the name of one of her fictional characters. The “real” Alex Hargrove is fascinated by Heather, and she is just as captivated by him. They both believe that they are fated for one another as their feelings evolve quickly, and a simple friendship becomes love in a short period of time. But in a diabolical mystery plot of her own, Rachelle Albright, an unstable alcoholic fan of Heather’s, has a different idea of the way this story should come to a close. She fancies herself in love with the fictional Alex—and the only way to have him for herself is to rid the world of Heather. A storybook ending doesn’t seem possible for Heather as Rachelle enlists the aid of a man from the past who’s out to settle the score with Alex. How can there be a happy-ever-after ending for Heather when someone is STALKING HER DREAMS…


About Myra’s Escape

Myra Felton’s evil grandfather secretly sells her to a man who agreed to pay the taxes on the run-down South Carolina farm where she and her grandpa live. When Myra learns about this, she knows she can never go to live with this unscrupulous man. She escapes to Charleston where she signs with a mail-order-bride broker. In borrowed clothes, she leaves South Carolina to meet with the Wyoming rancher, the broker has described as prosperous. There was one problem. The rancher, Anson Barlow, thought he was signing up to get a cook and housekeeper, not a bride.


 About Ulla’s Courage

When Ulla Wingate learns her uncle and aunt plan to steal what is left of the money her father left her, she has to work up the courage to find a way to save it. Her answer comes when she meets Cord Dermott, a widowed man and his two children who need someone to join them on the wagon train to Oregon. One problem: She will have to marry this stranger to join the train.


 About Xenia’s Renegade 

Xenia Poindexter and her sister are lured the west by a lie. When they get there they find their uncle wanted to make saloon women of them. When she meets Ty Eldridge, a half-breed ranch owner, can she count on him to help her escape her fate or will he be on her devious uncle’s side.

Second Chance at Love

 About Second Chace at Love

Cora Hillard, the widow of an outlaw and the mother of a 10-year-old son, comes to work as nurse to Dr. Miles Kerry,42-year-old a widower who misses his wife terribly. Though Cora and Miles are attracted to each other, neither thinks there’s any chance that at their ages they could be given a Second Chance at Love.

Belinda's Yankee

About Belinda’s Yankee

Hiding in the get-away tunnel under the house, Belinda Babcock listens as Yankee soldiers murder her father then burn her home. Escaping to the cave her father has prepared, she hides out until she feels it will be safe to leave the area. When she leaves the cave she stumbles upon Victor McKay, a wounded Yankee Major. Will she save him or will she get her revenge by killing the almost dead man?

Lariats Letters and Lace Web About Lariats, Letters and Lace

A Family For Valentine’s Day Samantha Whitner promises her dying friend that she will take her two children from their home in Baltimore to live with their grandmother in Arizona. When she arrives in the west, she never dreams that the ill-mannered, Russ Jenson will end up being the man of her dreams, though he thinks a city woman like her would be useless as a ranch wife. Yet, there is something about her….

Loves First Touch Box 3About Love’s First Touch

Four Novels by 4 of Prairie Rose Publications authors. My novel, Drina’s Choice was included in this set with 3 wonderful books. Check it out at Amazon and you may find it’s still on sale for $.99. You can’t buy a magazine for that. (Drina’s Choice: To escape her abusive father, Drina Hamilton answers and ad for a mail-order-bride and heads to Arizona to meet her intended groom. Aaron Wilcox  only agreed to accept the bride his uncle has chosen to save the ranch he’s worked hard to make a profitable business. Will the fact that there are continual attempts to kill Aaron come between the married strangers? Or will it push them closer together than either ever thought it would?)


 About Grace’s Dream

Before the teacher could get the children inside, a large limb fell across Grace Hunter’s right ankle. Though the doctor was able to save the foot, it left her with a pronounced limp. As a child, she had a crush on her friend Nelda’s brother, Lance, but she knew no man would ever love her because of her foot. When she reached her twentieth year she still felt the same way – no man would ever love her, but she still loved Lance Gentry who was now the sheriff.  When a measles outbreak hits town, Grace and Lance are thrown together. Lance had always thought of Grace as another sister until one day he noticed she was now a beautiful young woman. But not a woman for him. Yet, when he thought of her in another man’s arms his  blood ran cold.

Cowboy Celebration About A Cowboy Celebration

A collection of short stories celebrating Independence Day in the 1800s. A Second Chance at Love, by Agnes Alexander is the story of Doctor Miles Kerry and his nurse, Cora Hilliard. With a fever raging through town, the owner of the boarding house where widow Cora and her son live becomes fearful the boy will bring sickness into the place and asks Cora to leave. With nowhere else to go, Cora accepts Widower Miles’s offer to stay at his house. This temporary living arrangement leads to something else when love enters the mix.

Hannah's Wishes About Hannah’s Wishes

Hannah Hamilton was born with a withered foot and has never been able to walk. When she was a toddler her father sent her to live with her Aunt Verbena, a wealthy Savannah widow. Hanna is regulated to staying most of the time in her upstairs sparsely furnished room where she sews beautiful clothes for her aunt and the aunt’s friends. Jarrett McMichael, An Arizona detective is hired by Hanna’s sister to find out why there is so much mystery surrounding Hannah’s life. He is shocked when he discovers the sinister plan Verbena has for the almost helpless young woman.

State Murder Series

Murder in South Carolina: Nola Dean Buckingham goes to her Myrtle Beach condo when a storm has knocked out the lights. In the dark she stumbles on a dead body. Detective Joe Randell knows he has to find the murderer before Nola Dean becomesmthe next victim.

Murder in North Carolina: Rebecca Davidson Armfield hires PI, Nick Quimbley to find her missing sister, Mindy. It isn’t long until Mindy’s body turns up on a grave in a graveyard and their aunt is murdered. Nick knows Rebecca will probably be the next victim if he doesn’t find the killer.

Murder in Georgia: Nicole Lynch has been attacked leaving her with amnesia. To support herself she takes a job in an Connor Cunningham’s insurance business. She thinks she’ll be here until she regains her memory, but she hasn’t counted on the fact she was putting her life in danger.

MurderInSCcover-FinalA       unnamed      MurderInGAcover

Opla's Faith About Opal’s Faith 

Nineteen year-old Opal Barnett moves from Memphis, Tennessee with her family to a ranch her father has inherited in Arizona. Though she’d always dreamed of becoming a lady who rides the beautiful paddle boats on the Mississippi, she has to give up this dream. But she has faith that her father will succeed in turning around the rundown ranch. She doesn’t know she has to learn to wear britches, ride horses, round up cows and learn to shoot, but with the help of hired hand, Jace Renwick, not only does she learn these things, but she learns that being with Jace is more important than being on a riverboat.

Amelia's MarriageAbout Amelia’s Marriage

Rafe Donahue, one of the richest ranchers in Wyoming, is determined his willful daughter, Amelia will marry his foreman, Vince Callahan. Amelia doesn’t trust Vince and believes he’s out to get the Double D ranch through her. To thwart her father’s plan, she goes to Settlers Ridge to find the half-breed bounty hunter, Jed Wainwright. She offers him $5000 to marry her, in name only, for six months. It takes her a while, but he finally agrees – only if she’ll share his bed for the six months. But it isn’t long until they find they’re having more feelings for each other than either expected. As their heated love continues to grow, someone keeps trying to kill Jed, kidnap Amelia and return her to her father for the substantial reward.

A Bought BrideAbout A Bought Bride

Middle-aged widower and millionaire playboy Quinton Kincade stands to lose his chain of department stores if he doesn’t find and marry a woman with the qualifications his father put in his will. A marriage that has to last at least a year. With no way to break the will, he and his lawyer set out to find a woman who he can entice with enough money to marry him.


Jillian Lockland lost most of her assets when her husband divorced her and left her almost penniless. She has maxed out her credit cards and only has a part-time which doesn’t come close to covering all her bills. When she sees a newspaper ad for an unusual job in the Blue Ridge Mountains, she never suspects she’s applying to become a wife.


TheIslandcover-Final2 About The Island

A plane disappears over the Atlantic, but after an intense search turns up nothing, the 112 people aboard are declared dead. Unbeknownst to the outside world, 13 people survived. After escaping the crashing plane and braving the waters for hours, 11 of them make it to an island. 27 months later, a plane off course discovers the survivors. The waiting world is anxious to learn how they lived, but the survivors have secrets they must hide, not only from the media, but from their own families. Follow the lives of Amanda and Steve and their developing love, not only on the island, but on their return to their homes. Also learn about the other survivors: Ray, Joanna, Phyllis, Curtis, Wilma, Joey, Tony, Gene, Debbie, little Bobby, who was born soon after reaching the island, and Mr. X, the mysterious survivor, whose actions put the group continually in danger.

Drina's Choice 2About Drina’s Choice

To escape her abusive father, Drina Hamilton answers and ad for a mail-order-bride and heads to Arizona to meet her intended groom. Aaron Wilcox  only agreed to accept the bride his uncle has chosen to save the ranch he’s worked hard to make a profitable business. Will the fact that there are continual attempts to kill Aaron come between the married strangers? Or will it push them closer together than either ever thought it would?

camillaCOVERAbout Camilla’s Daughters

Camilla Weston is an independent woman who doesn’t want to marry any of the men her mother and her step-father keep bringing around to meet her. She decides to leave Charleston, SC to visit her uncle Sullivan Bridges, who is a cook on a West Texas ranch. She thinks it will be an adventure and will help her avoid giving in and becoming a wife and mother, two things she says she never wants. But things change when she boards a stage to go to Cool Springs. A woman abandons her baby with Camilla and disappears. Later at a way-station she finds a ragged, abused little girl and decides this isn’t the place to leave the baby. When the stage pulls out the next morning, the little girl is hiding inside. Seeing her plight, Camilla decides to help the child escape her abusive situation. When she reaches the ranch where her uncle works with the two children in tow, she finds the owner, Blake Cantrell to be a sullen man who doesn’t seem to want anyone in his house, but his housekeeper welcomes Camilla. It isn’t long until Blake and Camilla’s strong personalities collide and sparks began to fly between them causing a heat that neither wants, but is impossible  to ignore.

About Edwina’s Husband

Edwina Thorn believes she is Wyatt Singleton’s wife, the man her uncle forced her to marry when he caught them kissing in the park. Wyatt agreed to go through with a wedding, but unknown to Edwina and her uncle, the marriage wasn’t legal. The next day he left her stranded in Richmond, not knowing their one night together left her pregnant. When he doesn’t return for his ‘wife’ her uncle decides that he will give her baby boy to a childless couple in his church. To avoid losing her baby, Edwina heads to New Mexico to find her baby’s father. When she arrives at the Singleton ranch, Wyatt is stunned. But it isn’t long until he wonders if having Edwina and his son in his life isn’t just what he needs. One problem – though she thinks differently, their marriage isn’t legal. If he wants to keep his ‘wife’ and child, Wyatt must somehow figure a way to marry her without her knowing she was never his wife.


   About Valissa’s Home

Valissa Prescott is devastated when she learns her half brother, Kyle, took off to California after he gambled away everything they own, including the Galveston mansion that he was suppose to keep in trust for her.  With no money, no close relatives, she has no idea what she’ll do, but she knows she has only three weeks to vacate the estate. Her unsettled affairs take an unexpected turn when an imposing cowboy arrives saying he’s moving in. It is more surprising when she finds herself attracted to this man. Nathan Stone, wealthy rancher and business owner, needs a house in Galveston from where he can oversee his businesses. Arriving early to take possession of the house, he is surprised to find the previous  owner still in residence. He feels bad that he’s taking her home, but he has no intention of not moving in. Knowing she is trying to cope with her loss, he says she can remain for the time she’s been allotted. Though he’s considering marrying a woman on a neighboring ranch of his, he is shocked to find the idea not so promising when he encounters the raven haired, Valissa.


 About Rena’s Cowboy

While touring a present day Arizona cavern, Atlanta police officer, Rena Dumont gets lost and is trapped by a cave-in. When she regains consciousness she finds herself on the Haywood brothers’ ranch. The year is 1876. Though Jake Haywood  is the epitome of everything Rena thinks a real man should be, she knows she has to fight her growing feelings for him and try to return to her time. Jake Haywood and his brother, Silas are fighting to save their ranch from a bank takeover and the encroachment of the neighboring rancher. Now Jake finds he must cope with a sassy strange woman who can shoot as well as any man and talk as tough as he can. Though he’s confused by Rena he has a hard time fighting the attraction he feels every time he looks at her.


About Quinn’s Promise

Rodney Stockton knew that because of his mistakes, his three daughters could never become a part of Philadelphia Society again. On his death bed, he asked his youngest daughter, Quinn, to promise that she’ll use the money he’d been able to hide and take her two sisters to Colorado to find his brother. Unable to say no, she promises to do as he asked. On the way to their destination, the three Stockton women are faced with  uncouth cowboys, an alien landscape, and stage robbers who murder the male passengers, leaving the women stranded in the desert. Then they meet the Montgomery brothers and Quinn is sure that keeping her promise to her father was one of the biggest mistakes of her life. But there’s not enough money left to return home so there is nothing she can do, but go forward and hope that when they find Uncle Henry, things will work out.


About Fiona’s Journey

In March, 1855, Fiona Webb ran from her home with her eight-year-old nephew, Joey, after her brother and sister-in-law are murdered. They are trying to escape a brutal neighbor, Luther Markin, who plans to make a slave of Joey and use Fiona for his own evil purposes. To get on a wagon train heading for Oregon, they join Clint Larson and his pregnant wife, Rose as extended family. It doesn’t take Fiona long to realize she’s attracted to Clint despite her feelings of sisterly love for Rose. To complicate things, Luther Markin teams up with Rose’s father, Wade Fillmore and his business partner, Leo Carver from Baltimore and they follow the wagon train.  Fillmore wants to take Rose away from Larson and force her to go back east, but Carver has his own depraved reason for wanting to find Rose.

Drina’s Choice, Hannah’s Wishes, Belinda’s Yankee, Xenia’s Renegade, Myra’s Escape, Josephine’s Challenge, Patrice’s Shame, and Theda’s Deception – published by Prairie Rose Publications are available in print or eBook from –  and other eBook outlets.

Fiona’s Journey; Quinn’s Promise; Rena’s Cowboy;  Edwina’s Husband,  Camilla’s Daughters,  Amelia’s Marriage and Grace’s Dream are available in eBook and print from Whiskey Creek Press (A division of Start Publishing) – and other outlets.

The Island, A Bought Bride, Murder in North Carolina, Murder in Georgia and Murder in South Carolina are available only in eBook format from Whiskey Creek Press – – B& – and  other eBook  outlets.

A Cowboy Celebration, Love’s First Touch  and Lariats, Letters and Lace published by Prairie Rose Publications  are available in eBook and print from -and other outlets.

Valissa’s Home, Opal’s Faith and Ulla’s Courage, Nelda’s Homecoming are  available in print and eBook form from – Amazon and other outlets.

 From Harlequin’s Worldwide Mysteries – Jilted By Death, Echoes Of Mercy, and The Calendar Clan, written under the name, Lynette Hall  Hampton


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