Theda’s Deception

Nelda’s Homecoming

Zelda’s Guilt

Myra’s Escape

Josephine’s Challenge

Patrice’s Shame

Lydia’s Redemption

Amelia’s Marriage


Ulla’s s Courage

I have loved all your western books, but I have to admit that ULLA’S COURAGE is my favorite. I’ve already read it twice and plan to read it again. Looking forward to your other books, but you will have to do a special job to knock Ulla out of first place in my heart. H. Walsh, a devoted fan.

Xenia’s Renegade

Wonderful: This is a story about an evil uncle luring his nieces out to Arizona under false pretenses. During the trip the girls go through many difficulties. They are attacked by outlaws and one of the nieces finds a baby, which is a half-breed hidden under a bed safe from the end it’s parents met. She falls in love with the baby and many events bloom from her immediate attachment. Book is exciting, has good plot twists and is a clean read. Ragmon  

A very good story about sisters from the city meets ranchers and fall in love and marry each other for happiness. GH

A Second Chance at Love

5-star review by: Amazon Customer – JV: Excellent – This is an excellent short story. I enjoyed it.

Belinda’s Yankee

5-star review by: Amazon Customer – ChopYinfan78Fast Read with Gratifying ConclusionFast-paced. When Belinda finds a wounded Yankee on the banks of a nearby creek her only thought is to rid the world of another damn Yankee, but the action is easier thought than done. Through their time together Belinda and her Yankee form a bond, and only time will tell if it’s strong enough to overcome the hurt left over from a grievous war.

5-star review by:  Amazon Customer  Well Written: I enjoyed this Civil War romance with its conflicts not only among those fighting the war, but the internal conflict between the two characters. Their truce gives each of them the opportunity to follow their own paths, but they each find either betrayal or something missing. The (novel) moved at a good pace, and it kept my interest as it moved to a satisfactory conclusion.

5.0 out of 5 stars: Kindle Customer –  Great Story: I thoroughly enjoyed this story. After watching Gone With the Wind for the hundredth time I still wanted a civil war romance to read. I googled my kindle store and found this. I am so glad I did. True southern heroine and Yankee hero love story. I’m so pleased for the happy ending.

A Beautiful Story of Love Blossoming During & After The Brutal Civil War: 5 out of 5 Stars. Amazon Customer.  I loved this story of two people caught in the worst war America has ever been in who find love despite their very different childhoods. They are both good-hearted people who had to endure such brutality and devastation in battle and at home.


Grace’s Dream

5-Star Review By Teresa Carol on Kindle Edition Verified Purchase:  Love Agnes Alexander Books   No City listed

5-Star Review By Amazon Customer  Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase:   It was a very sweet book   unknown reviewer

I spent the last few days reading “Grace’s Dream” and enjoyed it immensely.  You did a very good job on the revision.  Helen Goodman, Greensboro, NC

5-Star Review By Teresa Carolon – Amazon Customer: Love Agnes Alexander

LOVED GRACE’s DREAM! Grace is a wonderful character! It was really nice getting to know her and Lance Gentry! There are so many rich characters in this book. I am looking forward to more!  Georgann Shultz, Kernersville, NC

Drina’s Choice

Wonderful Book:  I was thrilled to read your book (Drina’s Choice) using my name. I have passed it around to several of my friends and they liked it, too. Thanks so much for your friendship. Love and prayers, Drina (Hedgpeth) Lumberton, NC

Lots of action, just right for the old west: Drina’s Choice by Agnes Alexander is a warm-hearted, action filled western romance. Looking to escape her abusive father and to spring her younger sister from the confines of their aunt’s home, Drina accepts an advertisement for a bride. Traveling west, her intended is the handsome rancher she hoped for. Unfortunately, Aaron has no interest in her or their marriage. He’s only taken her as his wife to fulfill his uncle’s demands in order for Aaron to be sole owner of Aaron’s ranch; a ranch he’s worked hard to make prosper after his father ran it into debt. But when a friend whose sole interest is to steal the ranch hires a couple of thugs to kill Aaron backfires, Aaron is forced to consider his bride. Petite and pretty, Drina is kind, patient and a good nurse, and has him re-thinking his dislike for marriage. Drina’s choice is ripe with shootings, double-dealings, lies, evil and secondary characters starring in their own chapters. It was fun to get to know these people, and love them or hate them accordingly. It took me a while to warm up to Aaron, as I thought some of his behavior in the beginning wasn’t hero material, but by the end, he had thoroughly redeemed himself. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Alexander’s work.  Julie Lence, No city listed.

Opal’s Faith

Great Read – Amazon Customer: 5-Star Review: This book was so good. I had a hard time putting it down. I really liked the family in this story, especially Sapphire.

Edwina’s Husband

Loved it! Bought more of her books!! Review by: ccmillican an Amazon Customer: It was one of the best books I have read! Loved all her books! Can’t wait for more of her books

Murder in North Carolina

Interesting and I will read the next: Being familiar with North Carolina made it even better.  I look forward to Virginia: (A B&N Nook Customer)

Hannah’s Wishes

5-Star Review By JV an Amazon Customer. EXCELLENT ROMANCE – One of the best romances I have read. It is well written and there is a lot of action and adventure. The romance is very sweet.

Loved it!  Hannah’s the perfect heroine and Jarrett the dashing heroin this action-packed story of intrigue and perseverance in the early days of the South and the West.  Elizabeth DiMeo, Greensboro, NC

Very Good: A very good western romance…I enjoyed it very much! I love most of the western romances because they are clean books!!  Denise R. Bryant (Amazon Customer)

 The Island

Impressed: I had to finish another book before I started on The Island.  I am a slow reader at times, and also have limited time to read.  Now I know why you gave me the book.  When I got to the page with “Wanda”  I said on my that is ME!  It made tears come to my eyes.  It all is so ME!  Thank you my friend for your honoring me.  It is a great book, one night I read until 1:30.  I am always so impressed how such good stories come to you as a writer/author!  Many thanks again for the book and such a good read!  Wanda Rouse (Kernersville, NC)

Rare Book: This is one of those rare books that has you from the first page to the last. It was beautifully written. Going back and forth from the present to the past, the ups and down of life and the interaction between all the characters was what made it a special story. I loved the book and I know I will reread it more than once. Mimi R.(unknown address)

Great Read: The Island is a great read. After a disaster and stranded on an island, the characters use their knowledge to survive. This would make a great movie. Cindy Poindexter (Kernersville, NC)

I just read The Island and loved every minute of it. When their plane crashes those passengers fortunate enough to survive, and reach a remote island, must share their special skills if they hope to endure until they can be found.. Months later they are rescued. Each of them has changed and all share secrets including some romances that could affect their future lives as well as their old family relationships. Norma Hammer (Clinton, Iowa)

Camilla’s Daughters

Comment on Facebook: Camilla’s Daughters – I love, love, LOVE this book! I read it for the second time recently. Judy Loughman

Missed dinner time, didn’t care. The story kept me reading long into the night. Couldn’t put it down till the end, then got fussy cause it did. Just loved this story. Thank you. Thank you Agnes. Jean Ladwig

Received by email: I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your books. I was wondering if you thought about maybe doing a sequel to Camilla’s Daughters. A story for Polly maybe. Anyways keep writing such great stories. Gina Collier

Great  A young educated independent woman determine to not to settle for a life her mother planned but travel west to visit her uncle. On the way, she gains two daughters. This story was really enjoyable. Just as entertaining it was watching Gun Smoke and Bonanza back in the sixties, so it was for me in reading Camilla’s Daughters. This story could make an excellent western movie.Sarah Jo

A Wonderful Read:  Ms Alexander wrote a wonderful read here. Rich full characterizations with believable personalities. The plot was well thought out. The hero was a perfect mix of pathos and desire. The heroine was not a delicate flower in need of saving, and the loves of her life were totally unexpected in a romance novel. One character made me shutter in her insanity, yet I could understand why she was this way and could feel pity for her. Ms Alexander’s writing is able to put her reader in the pages of the book, so get lost in this read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! B&N Nook Customer.

Best Western Yet: I couldn’t stop reading until I got to the end of this book. It was wonderful. Though I’ve liked all of Agnes Alexander’s books, this has to be my favorite. I loved the characters and the way she pulled everything together. I felt I knew everyone in the book and was friends with all of them. I’m going to buy two or three of these books to give my friends. (I don’t want to let them read mine because they might get messed up. Keep Writing.  Helen Walsh  (North Wilkesboro, NC)

Agnes,  I have been reading Western romances for a long, long time.  I usually finish a book and say, “That is one of the best books I’ve ever read”!  BUT, since I started reading your books I hope they don’t spoil me for reading other books because you are the BEST author I have EVER read!!  I have an idea though.  I am about finished with Camilla’s Daughters and would love to go back there so you could find a love for Blake’s best friend that lost his wife, I think that would be fantastic.  Please keep writing and I’ll keep reading.  You are truly a gem!!  Sincerely,  Teri McGuire

Edwina’s Husband

Amazon 5 Star Review: Thrilling, fast-paced plot. A real page turner!, “GreenGran” (USA)            *Agnes Alexander has done it again. No one today writes better western romances than Agnes Alexander and “Edwina’s Husband” is no exception. I thought “Rena’s Cowboy” was my favorite until I read Edwina’s adventures. Nothing is predictable in her complicated life. I fell in love with her and found myself praying everything would turn out all right for her, her baby, and even her phony husband. Five stars all the way. Loved it!

Valissa’s Home

5-stars from Amazon reviewer – Margaret. Quote: Loved it. (no other info available.)

Don’t miss this one: I don’t know where she comes up with these stories but each one is so different, that’s why she is one of my favorite author’s. The male character is what you would expect to be the best of what a man should be, big and strong. The female character is small and dainty, but strong. This story does not have the sexual descriptions that her other books do, and I missed that. But other than that this is a wonderful love story.  Anita, An Amazon Customer

Rena’s Cowboy

Love this author’s books! Rena’s Cowboy gets 5 stars on this Amazon review. Absolutely love the time travel aspect of this story! Great characters, good conversations, humor and lots of action. What more could you ask for? Keep writing Ms. Alexander.  D.L. Jakubsen (North Carolina)

Amazon 5 Star Review By Chrystal  for Rena’s Cowboy – A Darn Good Book        I couldn’t put this book down, so good!!! The characters are great, easy to like and fun. Rena is a blast and Jake is prefect. The ending is just right cause you find out everybody lives happily ever after – the way it should be! Good Book!!!  (Chrystal an Amazon customer)

Rena’s Cowboy should be a movie! I read this book in 2 days and I  could see the action and feel everything the characters felt.. A group of us got together and said this book should be a movie. We even went so far as to choose the stars that would be cast as the main characters. Great Book. Great story. I loved Rena’s Cowboy.  (Karol Avery – Kernersville, NC)

Rena’s Cowboy – Couldn’t  it put down: This was a great book! One of the best I’ve read in a long time. I started reading it in the early evening thinking I’d read some and continue reading the next day. There was no way I could do that. I had to see what happened and I continued to read. I mean it when I said I couldn’t put it down. It was six o’clock the next morning when I got to the last page and was ready to go to bed. I highly recommend Rena’s Cowboy. You’ll never regret seeing what happens to Rena and Jake, Just start the book early in the day if you want to get any sleep that night.       ( Danny Harden (Kernersville, NC )

Rena’s Cowboy (Kindle Edition  Amazon review: 5 out of 5 stars.)  We all love a cowboy! This is a very delightful story! Well written, thoroughly engaged my interest and kept it until the ending. Made me laugh and tickled me with Rena’s song personality and those Haywood brothers.  Felicia L. Sides “Moret” (Kennesaw GA)

4.0 out of 5 stars from this Amazon reviewer. Really Cute Story, June 14, 2013 Rena’s Cowboy (Kindle Edition)This book was great for a couple day read. The story is of Rena, an Atlanta police officer, who falls through time t0 1870’s Arizona Territory. She meets the romance cowboy of her dreams who, with an Indian medicine man’s warnings, knows to treat her fairly and with patience. This is a cookie cutter time travel romance, which is what I was looking for. Don’t expect surprises but also don’t expect boredom.  Flemm88 “F.88” (Pullman, Wa)

Quinn’s Promise 

This review is for: Quinn’s Promise (Kindle Edition)   Just finished reading this story, great western that wasn’t boring. The author did a fine job making the west come alive. Could visualize and feel what the characters felt and went through, highly recommend to others. Hope you choose this book to read, won’t be disappointed.   Anna O’Brien (Amazon Review – 5 out od 5 stars)

Quinn’s Promise –  Great Book: What a wonderful story about the real old west. You really brought out the fears and hardships of the characters. It was like going to the movies when I was a kid. I’d ‘yeah’ for the good guys and ‘boo’ for the bad guys. You’re such a woderful writer you can write about anything. I want more books by Anges Alexander for sure.                                          Kathryn M. Fisher, Writer, Poet, Song Writer – (Kernersville, NC)

 Quinn’s Promise –  my favorite book! I have read both Agnes Alexander books. (Agens Alexander is the pen name for Lynette Hall Hampton.) I’ve also read all of Lynette Hall Hampton’s books. I’ve loved each one of them and I must say her writing gets better and better. To date Quinn’s Promise is my all time favorite. The characters are well drawn and I thought I could feel what each of them felt as it happened. I just don’t know how she keeps coming up with fresh and inventive plots. I know this writer will hit the best seller list one of these days.                               Helen Walsh (Wilkesboro, North Carolina)

5 out of 5 stars.  Fun and engaging story – Quinn’s Promise was a very engaging, fast paced story of three sisters, who after their father’s death, travel West to meet their uncle. You will find yourself transported to the old West where men are men and women are women – unless you’re the fiery Quinn. You will be swept along as the Marshalls work to discover who is robbing the stage coach and murdering the male passengers. The reader will have the pleasure of living vicariously through the characters as they experience the suspense and intrigue of the wild west and as they fall in love. Put this book on your “to be read” list you won’t be sorry!   Karen Fritz (Lexington, NC)

Fiona’s Journey

Reading Fiona’s Journey at the beach. I just read Fiona’s Journey while on vacation. It was great! I read it in just a couple of days. Now on to Quinn’s Promise! Thank you for providing my beach entertainment! Julie Price (Thomasville, NC)

If I were to rate this book 1-5 with 5 being the highest, it would be a 6. Loved, loved, loved it. When I finally got a chance to start reading Fiona’s Journey  I couldn’t put it down. The way your words bring the characters to life is amazing. I found myself seeing it as a movie I  was watching, which by the way, I believe this book would make a good movie. You are a fantastic writer and storyteller. Looking forward to reading your entire collection. June Tompkins, (Kernersville, North Carolina)

Fiona’s Journey is worthy of 5 our of 5 stars. Fiona Webb is on a mission to protect Joey, her orphaned nephew, from the despicable Luther Markin. Joey’s only chance of a future lies in her hands as she is his only living relative. When they arrive in Independence as they attempt escape, she discovers a wagon train is heading for Oregon. After selling her family’s personal property and with the help of travelers on the wagons, she manages to get enough money to finance their trip. Fiona and Joey develop a close relationship with the Larsons, a couple their traveling with. Little does she know that she’ll fall in love with Clint Larson, her friend’s husband. She tries to stop her feelings for Clint; not wanting to hurt Rose, his wife, but the attraction has taken on a life of its own. Agnes tells a simply beautiful western love story. The characters pull you in immediately and the well-paced action keeps you turning the pages until the end. I recommend this book to everyone.  Jean Brown

I loved taking Fiona’s journey with her!, This is the first Agnes Alexander I’ve read and I loved it. I looked for other novels by this author but didn’t find any. Please say there’s another one in the works! I give it 5.0 out of 5 stars!   Dixie Jakubsen (Kernersville, North Carolina)

Fiona’s Journey was a wonderful book! I read the book in two days because I couldn’t put it down. I would give it a high rating because I think it is the best book I’ve ever read – and I read a lot. Loretta Stover (Oak Hill, West Virginia)

Exciting Western Romance!  If you like western romance, you’ll love Agnes Alexander’s latest – Fiona’s Journey. Fast paced and eciting,. You’ll hold your breath in every chapter as you worry about Luther Markins evil intentions and Fiona Webb’s desperate attempts to escape him and start a new life for herself and her precious nepphew. Ms. Alexander knows how to bring characters and the old west to life. A great read!                                             GreenGran, (Greensboro, North Carolina)

A new Western Fan!  I had never been a fan of westerns until I read “Fiona’s Journey.” Agnes Alexander’s concise descriptive writing enabled me to know the characters while envisioning the west of that era as if I were immersed in a movie. Now, I look forward to more westerns from this author.                                                                                                                                               DianeThomas (Charlotte, North Carolina)

5 out of 5 stars: Fiona’s Journey (Kindle Edition)  This story has adventure at every turn.
Fiona’s Journey is a great story of love, love of the people trying to protect Fiona, love of family, and true love to come.Cathy Simpson-Koch

I just finished reading Fiona’s Journey. I loved it!! The characters in the story are so real I felt like I was on the journey with them. This book is certainly a page turner! I couldn’t put it down. There were a couple of surprises with Luther Markin I didn’t see coming. I’ll go to Amazon and get Quinn’s Promise. I’m anxious to start that one. Keep up the good work. Agnes has found her niche in the writer’s world. I look forward to more Agnes Alexander books.            Linda  Hamstra (Psadena, Maryland)

I just finished Fiona’s Journey. It was amazing. Your characters stayed true to themselves, whether evil or kind. Your descriptions were clear cut. And the love story was told tenderly and beautifully. When I can buy more books, I will be calling you! Keep writing – Your books are too good to miss.           Kathryn M. Fisher (Kernersville North Carolina)

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