Why Bother With A Blog?

Some, if not most, writers have a blog. Some publishers require that their authors have one. One of mine does, but the other two do not. But whether one is required or not, is not the problem. A blog can be a wonderful way to reach the pubic, if the bog is read. If it isn’t, then why bother? There in lies the problem.



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Lydia’s Redemption

Now available in Ebook and Print at Amazon,

Now available for pre order from amazon. 

Publication date is June 28.

Can a saloon owner who is mad at God for letting her husband die and a dedicated widowed preacher who is trying to raise his eight-year-son alone find common ground and happiness?


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New Book Out – Zelda’s Guilt

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2nd Barlow Wives Book Available

Josephine Kirkpatrick needs a brand-new start…a challenge. Losing her husband—and then her business—were two hard blows. When her old friend, Myra Barlow, invites her to come West and be with her during the birth of Myra’s first baby, Josephine knows that’s just the change she needs—and she may never return to Charleston, South Carolina, if she finds a new life in Wyoming.

Ryder Barlow needs a redheaded woman around like he needs another hole in his head. He’s had enough of every redhead alive to last him a lifetime! But when his sister-in-law invites her beautiful friend to come for an extended visit, he finds he’s not done with dealing with flame-haired women yet—especially after he’s wounded, and Josephine must care for him…

 When a train robber kidnaps Josephine and hides her away, Ryder understands that love has crept up and stolen his own hard heart when he wasn’t looking—and Josephine means everything to him. Though he’s hot on the trail of the outlaw and the spitfire woman he’s taken, will Ryder be able to reach them in time? 




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Under A Western Sky

A new box set is now available for pre-order from Prairie Rose Publication and I’m thrilled that my book, XENIA’S RENEGADE was chosen to be included. The set will go on sale on January 11. For a limited time, it will be available foe $.99. There are blurbs about each book below.


Where do the very best love stories blossom? UNDER A WESTERN SKY, of course! This fabulous boxed set of six tales of danger and romance are sure to capture your imagination as you are carried away to the old west. Handsome marshals, Texas Rangers, gunslingers, and wealthy landowners meet their matches with the daring women they happen to fall in love with, and you won’t want to put this boxed set down until you’ve read the very last story!

Authors Cheryl Pierson, Celia Yeary, Kaye Spencer, Tracy Garrett, Patti Sherry-Crews, and Agnes Alexander spin six incredible novel-length love stories filled with danger, excitement, and romance that will keep you turning page after incredible page until the very end. Saddle up and kick back for some excellent reading, as star-studded romance finds you UNDER A WESTERN SKY!

FIRE EYES by Cheryl Pierson

Beaten and wounded by a band of sadistic renegades that rules the borderlands of Indian Territory, U.S. Marshal Kaed Turner understands what the inevitable outcome will be for him: death. But Fate and a war party of Choctaw Indians intervene, delivering him instead to a beautiful angel with the skill to heal him. Jessica Monroe has already lost a husband and a brother to these outlaws. Can she afford to gamble with her heart one last time?


To escape an arranged marriage, beautiful, proper Cynthia Harrington impulsively marries Ricardo Romero, a sensual Spaniard who ranches on the edge of the Texas frontier. She struggles to gain a foothold in the hostile household, determined to make a place for herself—but will she also find a way to make her husband love her?  

 TEXAS GOLD by Tracy Garrett

Texas Ranger Jake McCain is hot on the trail of a band of murderous outlaws when they ambush him and leave him for dead in the blinding snow. The last thing Rachel Hudson expects the blizzard to bring is a wounded Ranger with a pack of trouble. She and Jake have more than a powerful mutual attraction in common—the dangerous gunmen he’s been chasing intend to steal Rachel and her brother, Nathan. But Jake’s not about to lose the woman who means everything to him—Rachel, his TEXAS GOLD…(Previously published as TOUCH OF TEXAS)


Beautiful heiress Elizabeth White is exiled to Texas until she agrees to marry the prominent politico her parents have chosen for her—Grayson Beal. When Elizabeth is approached at a fiesta by dark-eyed, handsome Mingo Valderas, her heart will never be her own again. But Mingo has a reputation as a Comanchero—a man who is as fast with his knives as he is with his gun. Still, Elizabeth gives her trust to him, and their whirlwind courtship begins. Beal will stop at nothing to claim Elizabeth—and only one man can protect her. Elizabeth and Mingo stay one step ahead of Beal…but will that be enough?


Pampered Margarita McIntosh is sent away by her father for her own safety—from what, she’s not sure. The long journey ahead and the secret she carries in her saddlebag could be the death of her. A rough Irish gunman, Rafferty, is entrusted with getting her to her destination—for a reward—his ticket to a new life. But will Rafferty’s protection be enough to save their lives? And will the heat of their passion seal their future—if they do survive?

XENIA’S RENEGADE by Agnes Alexander

An urgent plea for help from a family member calls for action from Xenia Poindexter and her sister. But traveling west to save their uncle, a raid on a stagecoach way station would have seen them dead if not for handsome half-Sioux rancher, Ty Eldridge. Ty wants to protect Xenia from her uncle’s schemes, but he’s been burned in the past by love. Though others say they’re all wrong for each other, Xenia has never felt more “right” than when she’s in Ty’s arms. Is true love worth the chance of becoming XENIA’S RENEGADE?













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The 3rd Coverton Mills Book

Julia Singleton has kept a secret for over 20 yeas and her feelings for her lover, Seath Armstong has never died. When he discovers they have a son, will the love he still has for her be enough for the two of them to have a life together at last. Or will a resentful inlaw destroy the happiness they could at last share? 

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I have a new Romantic Suspense Novel on it’s way. Here is a sneak preview of the cover and a bit about the story.

Heather Masterson writes best selling mystery novels about Alex Hargrove, her fictional Blue Ridge Mountain sheriff. She is shocked when at a book signing in Asheville, NC a 6 foot 4 cattleman lays a book in front of her and says, “Sign this to the real Alex Hargrove.” This is the beginning of a courtship that the two mature people were not looking for at this point in their lives.

Unbeknownst to Heather, Rachelle Albright, an unstable alcoholic fan, writes a book of her own with the character Alex marrying a woman named Rachelle. When the publishing company rejects her book, she is livid. Rachelle decides she must kill Heather so the character of Alex will be hers.

Can the real Alex protect his fictional creator? Will Heather survive to find love at last.

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New Book

It’s been a while since I put up a new blog. I would like to say it’s because I’ve been lazy, and maybe I was a little, but it was one thing I had to let go because of an illness. Not mine, that of my sister. In January, my sister had a lung infection and when she had an x-ray, cancer was discovered. With no one to help her with the hospital visits and treatments that followed, I brought her to my house and became her caregiver. What free time I had, I spent writing on my next book and other things slid to the wayside. There is now a lull between her treatments and I’m catching up.

I’d like to announce the coming release of my newest Western Historical Romance. It is the first in The Barlow Wives Series – Myra’s Escape.

Myra Felton’s evil grandfather secretly sells her to a man who agreed to pay the taxes on the run-down South Carolina farm where she and her grandpa live. When Myra learns about this, she knows she can never go to live with this unscrupulous man. She escapes to Charleston where she signs with a mail-order-bride broker. In borrowed clothes, she leaves South Carolina to meet with the Wyoming rancher, the broker has described as prosperous. There was one problem. The rancher, Anson Barlow, thought he was signing up to get a cook and housekeeper, not a bride.

MYRA’S ESCAPE, published in e-book and trade paper back, by Prairie Rose Publications, will be available from Amazon, B&N, and other outlets soon. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Myra’s Escape is now available for pre-sale on Amazon. Publication date is June 29.




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Settings for Western Romance Novels

Where can you set your Western Historical Romance? The quick and most logical answer is that it can be set in any state west of the Mississippi River. But…and this is a big But, your book may or may not start in the west, but it does end up there. Since I am familiar with my own work, I will show examples of this from my published books.

The mail-order-bride book is an example of the life of the heroine beginning in the east and her accepting the hand of a man located in the west. In DRINA’S CHOICE, Drina Hamilton lives with an abusive father on his run-down farm in Georgia. She knows she needs to get away from him. To do so, she accepts the proposal of Aaron Wilcox, a rancher in Arizona. After her trek west, the rest of the story takes place in Arizona.Drina's Choice 2

Another type book is when the entire family moves west for another reason such as wanting to start a new life, hoping to strike gold or any other reason you can come up with. In OPAL’S FAITH, Opal Barnett’s father lost his job because he tried to report his unscrupulous banking boss. It isn’t long until the family has lost everything they have in Memphis, Tennessee. Though he knows nothing about ranching, father inherits his brother’s ranch in Arizona. Feeling he has no other choice, he moves his wife and four daughters there. With the help of Jace Renwick, a wondering cowboy with his own agenda, the family survives.Opla's Faith

The third is when an easterner goes west for an unusual reason. In XENIA’S RENEGADE, Xenia Poindexter and he sister are lured from their home in Virginia by a vicious lie that their uncle is in trouble. They go to Arizona to help. On the way, Xenia’s sister rescues an orphaned baby who happens to be a half-breed. Faced with prejudice they are forced to accept help from two cousins, Ty and Wilt Eldridge, who also happen to be half Indian. These men are accepted in the area because they happen to be the richest ranchers in the area.XENIA’S RENEGADE

Some books begin in the west and stay in the west. AMELIA’S MARRIAGE, the first in the Settler’s Ridge series, is an example of this. Amelia Donahue was born and raised on the huge Double D ranch in Wyoming. She is kind of a rebel and her father thinks the only way he can settle her down is to force her to marry his foreman, a horrible man who has the elder Donahue fooled. Amelia goes into town and hires Jed Wainwright, a bounty hunter, to marry her for six months so she won’t have to marry her father’s foreman.Amelia's Marriage

Occasionally you will come across a book that takes place in different places. BELINDA’S YANKEE, is one of these. Shortly after Belinda Babcock sees her father murdered and their home in Alabama burned by Yankee troops, she finds Victor McKay, a wounded Union Yankee officer. She nurses him back to health. In turn he helps her get to her relatives in Louisiana. He goes home to New York to resume his life and finds his life there is not what he expects it to be. He decides to find Belinda again, but she and her relatives have moved to Colorado. The book concludes in Colorado.Belinda's Yankee

Once in a while you’ll find a western book set in the east. HANNAH’S WISHES is an example. Most of the book takes place in Savannah, GA. Hannah Hamilton, confined to a wheelchair because of a birth defect, has been raised by an aunt that has her own sinister reasons for letting the girl live with her. Because her sister in Arizona is concerned she sends western detective, Jarrett MacMichael to Savannah to check on Hannah. In the last chapter, Hannah does move to Arizona to be near her sister.Hannah's Wishes

Then there is the different western such as paranormal or time-travel, etc. RENA’S COWBOY (a time-travel) is an example. Rena Dumont, a present day, widowed, Atlanta, GA police officer is on vacation in the west. Caught in a cave-in in she is pronounced lost and probably dead. But she regains consciousness and finds herself on the Arizona ranch of Jake Haywood in the year 1876. She has to cope with living in a different century and under different expectations of what a woman should be and do.Rena Cowboy COVER

As you can see, you can set any or all of your novel anywhere. You are the author and you have the power. But there are a couple of things you must remember. First be sure to know the state you’re using in your novel. If you don’t live there or have never traveled there in person, make sure to research it. Most states and cities have great websites. They also have lots of information in historical writings and photos. There is no excuse to set you novel in North Dakota if you have the action located near the Grand Canyon, an Arizona location. And if you mention the Rio Grande River, be sure you’re using Texas as a setting, not Kansas. Not only will mistakes like this, make you seem careless, it will assure that a reader will never want to pick up another of your novels.

www.Agnes Alexander.com




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Available Now


Ulla Wingate learns her aunt and uncle are conspiring, not only to take the general store her father founded, but the money he left her, too. She knows to protect herself she must find a way to leave town, but she has to work up the courage to go.

When the handsome widower, Cord Dermott brings his son and daughter to buy supplies for the wagon train trip to Oregon, she learns he needs someone to come along to help look after the children. Will this be the answer for her? Will she be able to work up the courage to volunteer to go along? And will the two of them be able to keep their distance from each other without marriage?

Would you like a free autographed copy? Just reply to this post and I will give a book away on January 31. Best of luck on winning a signed copy of ULLA’S COURAGE. (Please use the link that appears just under this writing to leave your reply.)


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